Slawson, Bradley D.

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Slawson, Bradley D.

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irb.identifier.casenumber 669 en_US Slawson, Bradley D. en_US
irb.affiliate Local 120 en_US
irb.position President en_US 2013-6-25 en_US en_US en_US
irb.identifier.applicationnumber 164 en_US
irb.summary Embezzlement; breach of fiduciary duty, failure to cooperate with the IRB, and violating the Local Union bylaws. en_US
irb.penalty Permanent bar from holding office or employment with IBT or any affiliate; 10 yr. bar from holding membership in Local 120 or any other IBT affiliate and from any knowing association with IBT members, and fined $73,077.17. Ten year bar and associational bar will continue until such time as the fine is paid in full. en_US
irb.note en_US
irb.gwnotes en_US

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