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The Independent Review Board ("IRB"), and its predecessor, the Independent Administrator ("IA"), was established pursuant to a Consent Decree entered into between the United States Government and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters ("IBT") in 1989.

The Consent Decree is supervised by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

This collection contains a historical record of all of the cases for which a final decision either from the IBT, the IRB, or the Court has been issued.

Recent Submissions

    Local 272
    Summary of charges: Failure to cooperate.
    Penalty: Permanently barred.
    Local 945
    Summary of charges: Failure to Testify before the IO
    Penalty: Signed agreement- resigned permanently
    Local 917
    Summary of charges: Embezzlement
    Penalty: Suspended 2 years, additional 2 years suspension from holding officer position; modified penalty- no additional 2 year suspension
    Local 295
    Summary of charges: Knowingly associated w/prohibited or suspended person.
    Penalty: Permanently resigned pursuant to agreement.
    Local 813
    Summary of charges: Organized crime.
    Penalty: Suspended five yars pusuant to Union decision

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